An Honest Discussion about What Your First Class at Michigan Ross Will Be Like


By: Paul Kirsch

I have a prediction to make, and I’m just going to throw it out there: The first class you’ll take at Michigan Ross will be totally different than any other class you’ve taken until now.

A bold claim? Maybe.

After all, I don’t know what’s happened in your AP English class. But, here’s what I know about BA100 — the class all of our incoming freshman students will take to kick-off their Michigan Ross education — it has a profound, lasting impact on our students.

We recently asked a group of rising sophomore BBAs, who just completed the BA100 course, to sit down and talk about their experience. I think their discussion will give you great insight into what to expect from the first class you’ll take when you arrive at Ross.

Check it out:


As Sven said, the class is really Michigan Ross 101 (couldn’t agree with you more, Sven, great point!). It’s a great introduction to our community and the business world.

But it’s also a great networking opportunity for our students. Every incoming student at Ross is paired with an upperclassman Peer Coach who acts as your partner throughout your first year and often becomes a close friend throughout the rest of your time at Ross.

As the group continued discussing their BA100 experience, they dived into what it was like to get to know their peer coaches, and how valuable they were. Take a look:


Thanks to Elan, Lindsey, and Sven for letting us listen in to your conversation. I’m glad you got so much out of the course!

Check out these other videos of Ross students having unscripted conversations:


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Paul Kirsch
Paul Kirsch
Managing Director of the Michigan Ross BBA Program

"Lean in. Do NOT be a passive participant in your education."