Here’s What You Should Be Doing Right Now If You Plan on Applying To Michigan Ross


By Blaire Moody Rideout

October is here! We are less than one month away from the University of Michigan Early Action Deadline of November 1st.

If you’re planning on applying to the Michigan Ross BBA program, I want to provide a quick checklist of what you should be doing right now to best prepare yourself for success.

High School Seniors

What you should be doing right now…

  1. Your application essays and Ross Admissions Portfolio should be very close to finished. Those final edits have been made, and you might just be showing it to a few teachers or your school counselor for one last look.

  2. Strive to submit the application (including those essays) and the Ross Admissions Portfolio by mid-October. An earlier internal deadline for yourself will allow you to make any last minute or unexpected changes without missing the actual deadline of November 1st. Or to learn that your high school requires a two-week notice for all transcript requests!

  3. After submitting your application, follow-up with the teacher and school counselor that you have asked to write your letters of recommendation to ensure they are submitted by the deadline as well. Remember to be pleasant, as your teachers and counselors are often overwhelmed right now trying to meet a variety of college application deadlines too!

    1. PRO TIP: Write a formal thank you note (yes, on a notecard, with a pen) and deliver it to their desk. This can be both a nice gesture of thanks and also a reminder to your recommender if they have not yet submitted the letter to your college of choice.

  4. Make copies of all documents sent by mail or submitted online. Additionally, keep a log of the dates when you submitted the materials. You will want to keep a record for yourself in case you need to re-submit any materials that could be lost and to keep you organized overall.

  5. This is enough for now...but the next month during the waiting period we’ll talk about the scholarship search process. To keep your mind off the agonizing wait for your admission decision, focus that brain power and finding and applying for scholarships.

For those applying this fall, the good news is you’re almost across the finish line. You can do it! The not so good news is, the waiting is about to begin.

High School Juniors

What you should be doing right now…

  1. If your school offers the PSAT in October, take it!
    The PSAT is offerred to high school students in both the 10th and 11th grade. More information on the PSAT can be found here.

  2. If you are unable to take the PSAT, you can still begin test prep on your own and begin practice tests. Khan Academy is a great resource, and it is completely free.

  3. Do you have a day off school this fall? If so, hop in the car, on a train, or even a plane and visit in person one of the colleges or universities on your college application list. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Ross 

  4. Continue to develop your extracurricular involvements, community activities, and responsibilities within your high school. Junior year of high school is the time to dive in and prepare yourself for the leadership positions that you will take on your senior year.

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