You and your #Victors2021 classmates in the U-M admitted Fall 2017 class have the unique opportunity to enroll in the Ross BBA as a first-year student! Please see below for information on the requirements you will uphold as a first-year student at the Ross School of Business.

First-Year Ross BBA: Opportunity to accept by may 12

We know many students and families have questions about the opportunity to become a Ross BBA First-Year Student and how this could enhance your U-M experience. For answers to many of these questions, please visit our Ross BBA Frequently Asked Questions. We look forward to welcoming you to campus very soon!

Requirements & Expectations

  • Complete First-Year Writing, Economics 101, and any course in Calculus I, II, or III at U-M, each with a grade of C or better, by the end of your freshman winter term. AP credit for Calculus I or II (Math 120 or 121) will substitute for the required course in calculus. IB or A-level credit for Economics 101 and U-M Calculus I, II, or III will substitute for the required courses in economics and calculus.

  • Successful completion of BA100 and BCOM250

    • ​BA100, Introduction to Ross: Foundations in Learning Business, offered specifically for Preferred Admission students. This 1.0 credit, biweekly course introduces students to the world of business while supporting their transition and building a collaborative learning community, providing students with a foundation to make the most of their time at the Ross School of Business and the University of Michigan.

    • BCOM250 Introduction to Business Communication (a 1.5-credit course)

  • Enroll full-time (12+ credits) in both Fall and Winter semesters of freshman year.

  • Maintain good academic standing (2.500 GPA or above) throughout your freshman year. GPAs are not rounded up.

  • Ross Students who earn less than 2.5 GPA or less than a C in any prerequisite course by the end of freshman year (including those who are not in good academic standing), will be set on an alternative track within the program, under the guidance of their Ross Academic Advisor. This alternative track will likely extend program completion time.

  • As a Ross First-Year Student, you are also expected to meet the following conditions of the program during your freshman year at U-M:

    • Attend the Welcome Event, which will be held on Friday, September 1, 2017, at the Ross School of Business.

    • Meet regularly with your Ross Academic Advisor and participate in mandatory academic support activities as requested by your Ross Academic Advisor.

    • Inform your Ross Academic Advisor and Ross Undergraduate Admissions if you have been accused of or engaged in a form of academic dishonesty, behavioral misconduct, a policy violation (to include on- and off-campus), and/or criminal activity (to include pending and convicted cases) upon matriculation (e.g. over the summer) and while at the University of Michigan.

    • Please know that the Ross School of Business reserves the right to withdraw your BBA Admission offer if: 1) there has been a misrepresentation in or a violation of any of the terms of the application process or failure to meet first year expectations; or 2) we learn that you have engaged in behavior prior to matriculation that indicates  a serious lack of judgment or integrity; or 3) you do not meet the conditions of your admission offer.

    • We further reserve the right to require you to provide additional information and/or authorization for the release of information about any matter. Finally, we reserve the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose condition endangers his or her own well-being or the well-being of other students or precludes him or her from doing the required work.