Breaking Silos - Asia

A key challenge for senior leadership in Asia is ensuring alignment and effectiveness across operating units and across different regional and country offices, as well as with partner organizations.

This intensive 3 day event will address the core components of organizational leadership and effectively build capability both personally and for the organization to break down barriers and support effective communications across borders - be it across business unit silos or across different country operations.

With Breaking Silos, participants will gain critical leadership skills to effectively facilitate collaboration across functional, geographical, and organizational boundaries. They will acquire skills to diagnose and design reporting lines and network structures that help share learning and create value, identify and train key personnel to facilitate collaboration across organizational boundaries, create organizational culture to support cross-silo collaboration and deliver most value to the customer.

There are many lessons to be learned from corporate and non-profit entities, mergers or acquisition situations, outsourcing experiences, as well as successful and unsuccessful efforts of many organizations to collaborate across silos in the efforts to become more customer centric. Applying these lessons can effectively change the way you will lead the future of your organization.

Action-Based Components

Participants shall be requested to share cross-silo collaboration challenges from their own organizations and facilitated project teams shall be supported by the faculty to create real solutions, takeaways and action plans to return to implement.

  • Simulations and team activities allow you to practice and hone new techniques and gain immediate feedback from faculty and peers.

Program Focus

To effectively lead and manage in complex environments and meet ever increasing customer demands, you have to ensure effective collaboration across functional and regional pockets of your organization. You also have to ensure you can effectively collaborate across organizational boundaries, whether it is in managing your strategic alliances or absorbing acquisitions. Often structures are not set up to meet with flexibility and changing demands and support systems are not implemented to ensure effective organizational development. Silos are often barriers to effective organizations and require champions to address them. These champions may be from any function, business unit or project, charged with cross border responsibility (unit or country) or as an influential leader.

Accordingly, the Breaking Silos program builds understanding and capability in leadership to tackle these challenges. It also provides a breadth of knowledge and skills to create a culture of collaboration with the correct support to ensure a sustainable environment for efficiency and growth to meet the strategic imperatives of the organization.

Who Should Attend

Directors, Senior Managers and those high potential leaders looking for a broader knowledge of organizational dynamics preparing for a wider organizational role seeking to expand their leadership capability in preparation for future organizational challenges.

General Managers and HR professionals charged with organizational effectiveness are also key roles that are regularly facing the challenges addressed in this dynamic personal and organizational leadership development event.

The Experience

Learn how to realize the benefits and manage the risks of collaboration across silos within and across organizations;

Understand how to:

  • manage organizational structures and processes for collaboration across silos; and,
  • develop individual leadership capabilities for ensuring collaboration across silos.

Influence without formal authority in cross-silo collaboration scenarios where formal lines of authority are either non-existent or vaguely defined;

Manage collaboration across organizational boundaries; and,

Manage diverse teams in collaborating across different unit boundaries and organizational boundaries

By attending this program, you will receive 1 credit towards our Distinguished Leader Certification and will personally be rewarded with Life-time Scholarship and Peers Vouchers to develop your chosen peer. Visit


Tuition & Fees

The program fee includes tuition, books, instructional materials, and coffee breaks. Fee is payable in advance in US dollars, is net of any tax, and is subject to change. See our Cancellation, Transfer and Substitution Policy.

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The program fee includes tuition, books, instructional materials, and coffee breaks. Fee is payable in advance in US dollars, is net of any tax, and is subject to change. See our Cancellation, Transfer and Substitution Policy.

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