Developing the Manager in You - Asia

This popular program focuses on the changes you will encounter in your transition from individual contributor to manager.

It is presented by Dr. Paula J. Caproni, whose energetic style and highly interactive activities result in total class involvement and greater learning. 

This program focuses on current management perspectives and best practices, with a special emphasis on working more effectively with direct reports, peers, bosses, customers, and others who are critical to your success throughout your career.

Through self-assessments, simulations, video cases, and other engaging activities, you will learn a universal set of management skills that will enhance your ability to achieve better business results regardless of your nationality, culture, or industry. You will also develop a personalized action plan for improving your managerial effectiveness so that you can implement what you learn as soon as you return to work.

The value of this workshop is best reflected in this comment from a recent participant:

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to successfully transition from an individual contributor to manager
  • Learn how the best managers turn employees' talents into business results
  • Gain valuable managerial skills to use throughout your career
  • Establish a productive relationship and leverage diversity

Program delivery in Asia is designed for individuals who have just made the transition to junior managers or will make that transition shortly. You will also receive a copy of Paula Caproni’s book, Management Skills for Everyday Life: The Practical Coach.

Who Should Attend

Participants in this program should be emerging leaders with less than five years of management experience. If you are new to your role as a manager, or if you want to refresh your understanding of newest management principles and best practices, this program is designed for you.

The Experience

Program Focus

Understanding the Managerial Role

  • Face the challenge of moving from individual contributor to manager
  • Learn what the most effective managers do to bring out the best in their employees
  • Understand the difference between managing and leading, and why both are important to your success

Developing Your Management Style

  • Identify your management styles, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Understand how people perceive you and the consequences of these perceptions
  • Adapt your style so you can work well with people who have different styles

Getting Results Through People

  • Learn to properly delegate to enhance motivation and results
  • Build a productive relationship with your boss
  • Create an effective network
  • Communicate with impact
  • Establish credibility
  • Leverage diversity
  • Use the six universal forms of influence
  • Work constructively in teams

Managing Change

  • Develop coping skills for managing stress
  • Assess your change management style
  • Develop your personal change plan

Takeaways & Tools

  • Understand the characteristics that separate the most successful managers from the least successful managers
  • Learn how to avoid pitfalls that can derail a managerial career
  • Discover how to adapt your management style to meet the needs of any situation
  • Improve your ability to create a work environment that brings out the best in your employees
  • Gain a broader perspective that enables you to see organizational opportunities, problems, and solutions from multiple perspectives
  • Create a strategy for lasting personal change that adds value to your organization and benefits your career
  • Enjoy working with a group of talented managers from a variety of industries
Individual Benefits

Learn from Michigan Ross, #3 Global Provider, Financial Times Open Enrollment, 2020

"This is one of the most state-of-the arts training sessions that I have ever attended. The information is very impressive, allowing me to understand how to be a good leader and how to make use of our followers to help our organization achieve our goals. In addition, I now have 20 new friends across Asia."

Faculty Thought Leadership

Ross Thought In Action
Being a good coach to employees takes more than caring. Prof. Paula Caproni shows how to coach the coaches.
Ross Thought In Action
It’s easy to forget guiding principles during a crisis. Professor Paula Caproni shows how to keep everyone focused in tough times.

Tuition & Fees

The program fee includes tuition, books, instructional materials, and coffee breaks. Fee is payable in advance in US dollars, is net of any tax, and is subject to change. See our Cancellation, Transfer and Substitution Policy.

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The program fee includes tuition, books, instructional materials, and coffee breaks. Fee is payable in advance in US dollars, is net of any tax, and is subject to change. See our Cancellation, Transfer and Substitution Policy.

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