Strategic Marketing for the Digital Age - Asia

Digital technologies have changed the many ways by which people interact…with each other and with companies.

This new connected-world—this digital age—has led to the disruption of longstanding industry practices and, consequently, given rise to new, innovative marketing opportunities.

This program explores this fundamental shift in both the market and marketing. It takes an in-depth look at the new 'digital consumers,' and examines how companies can harness the opportunities which the digital age creates.

Who Should Attend

Brand managers who need a structured approach to digital marketing

Industrial, B2B, and B2B marketers who have yet to exploit digital marketing

Marketers who are using digital marketing tactics but who have need for a strategic perspective

CMOs and senior marketers with little experience in digital marketing

The Experience

Day One: Welcome, Setting the Scene, Defining Digital Marketing

  • Realize your company's challenges as it pertains to the digital and social space; and that their issues aren't so unique
  • Internalize personal challenges or deficiencies as it pertains to the digital and social space
  • Grasp foundational knowledge of marketing and marketing strategy
  • Learn why the anthropological evolution of innovation matters to you and your organization
  • Understand the application of digital marketing
  • What happens to your business when technology disrupts industry

Day Two: Networks

  • Discover how marketers can leverage human dynamics to excite the spread of ideas, messages, and products
  • Understand the dynamics of influence found in networks
  • Learn how to identify the most appropriate influencers to stimulate behavioral adoption
  • Discover how to apply your new knowledge of networks for designing promotional campaigns

Day Three: Environments

  • How does the context of our environment have a great impact on what we share with others
  • Develop your ability to identify environmental conditions that shape network behavior
  • Gain insights to understand why people respond to environmental triggers the way we do
  • Understand how to apply this new knowledge of environments for designing marketing campaigns

Day Four: Tools

  • Explore news feed as a digital marketing tool
  • Create brand stories that are socially engineered to spread
  • Explore hashtags as a digital marketing tool and understand their impact as a means to identify user behavior and establish brand connection
  • Explore mobile as a digital marketing tool and establish skills for using the benefits of mobile as a successful marketing vehicle

Day Five: Success

  • Determine the role of analytics and its ability to measure data for insight extractions and predictive mapping
  • Understand differences between empirical vs. self-reported data; and when to use KPI benchmarking, and social listening and metric identification to evaluate outcomes
  • Observe the N.E.T.S.™ model in action, uncovering some of the best case examples of successful digital marketing
Organizational Benefits
  • Develop the N.E.T.S.™ framework as an approach to digital marketing
  • Use the N.E.T.S.™ framework to begin researching, designing, executing, and controlling your own digital marketing campaign
  • Use the N.E.T.S.™ framework as an analytical tool to identify and deconstruct well-architected digital marketing campaigns

N.E.T.S Concept for Digital Age Marketing

The Michigan Ross N.E.T.S. framework is successfully used by companies around the world. This proprietary approach to developing marketing strategies in a "digital world" leverages the dynamics of human behavior and the pervasiveness of contemporary technology to drive business results. At the intersection of these two drivers lies a sweet spot where perceptive marketers can leverage the ever-evolving media landscape to create ideas, messages, products, and behaviors that spread from person to person. N.E.T.S. represents:

  • N = the dynamics of networks in a digital world
  • E = the context of the environment in a digital world
  • T = the tools, the instruments and technology we have at our disposal to activate people
  • S = success, how we measure the impact of our efforts
How is it used? This approach is used to inform and guide the development of:
  • marketing strategies and branding efforts
  • creative ideation and content creation
  • product launch endeavors
  • distribution, partnerships, and influencer marketing initiatives
  • analytics and measurement plans for communication ambitions

All of which can be applied to both B2C and B2B marketing needs.

Individual Benefits
  • Demystify the core drivers of digital marketing and the role which they play in marketing
  • Develop a structured approach to digital marketing which can be applied to your unique business
  • Create a toolbox of state-of-the-art, proven digital marketing methods
  • Learn to leverage current assets more effectively
  • Transform reactive tactics to proactive strategies
  • Exploit opportunities to reach target audiences and ignite word-of-mouth
  • Fully realize the potential which the digital age offers you
  • Measure the impact of digital marketing campaigns in terms of specified marketing objectives

Tuition & Fees

The program fee includes tuition, books, instructional materials, and coffee breaks. Fee is payable in advance in US dollars and is subject to change. See our Cancellation, Transfer and Substitution Policy.

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The program fee includes tuition, books, instructional materials, and coffee breaks. Fee is payable in advance in US dollars and is subject to change. See our Cancellation, Transfer and Substitution Policy.

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