Rohit Bery

Rohit Bery

Managing Director, Custom Programs

Rohit is a seasoned global leader with experience in over 20 countries in industries ranging from financial services to consulting to technology, automotive, and startups.  He has held leadership roles in Technology, Product Development, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, People, and Finance. Throughout his career Rohit has led and built organizations to be more agile, scalable, and sustainable, with a constant focus on delivering for customers.

In his 25+ year career, Rohit has officially been known as chief of staff, coach, strategist, consultant, Director, Vice President, and a variety of other titles.  His real job has always been to amplify and intensify the accomplishments of teams and clients while fostering an environment where empowerment and autonomy lead to transformative results.  

Rohit brings an executive leader’s perspective to his programs.  He works with clients and faculty to focus on practical learning outcomes combined with experiences and to create the inspiration for individuals and teams to be better than they think they are. His goal is for every participant to return to their teams transformed.

Rohit is an alumnus of the College of Engineering and of the Ross School of Business.  As an undergraduate student, he was a 4-year member of the Michigan Marching Band Tenor Saxophone section.  After a 20 year absence, Rohit returned to his home town of Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife Suman, who is a Clinical Professor in the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.  He has 3 daughters who can often be found on a sports field, pool, track, or cross country course. In his free time, Rohit is most likely to be on a bicycle in the woods, on a mountain pass, or a dirt road from Washtenaw county to Traverse City to Utah, to Leadville, Colorado, and anyplace in between.