MBA Admissions Updates for Round 1, Advice for Round 2, And a Word About Holistic Review


Status of Round 1

The end of the year and the holiday season is always a busy time here at Ross. The admissions team is currently focused on getting to know Round 1 candidates through your applications, and our interviewers have been getting to know candidates in person through their discussions both on-campus and around the world. We’re excited to start getting a feel for what next year’s might look like.

All Round 1 decisions will be released on December 18. If you were invited to interview, the potential outcomes are admit, waitlist or deny. If you weren’t invited to interview, the possibilities are waitlist or deny. If you are waitlisted, your app will be reviewed against the Round 2 pool.

Advice for Round 2

If you’re planning to submit your app in Round 2, you have about six weeks to get it done (less than that if you plan to take some time off at the holidays, which you should!). The three things you still have time to work on are your GMAT/GRE, your resume, and your essays.

Regarding your resume: make sure it’s clear (avoid acronyms and jargon), accurate, and identifies results/impact. With the essays, make sure they, too, are clear. Read them to a friend or family member to confirm that it sounds like you and that it doesn’t leave them wondering “Why?” in any part of it.

For last minute tips before you hit “Submit,” please join me for an application webinar on Monday, December 14 at 12:30 PM EST.

A Word About Holistic Review

You’ve probably heard admissions officers talk about “holistic review.” Here’s what it means for us. We consider multiple factors in our admission decisions: academic achievements (via your transcript and test scores), professional achievements (via your resume and rec letter), your essays, and your fit (through one-on-one interviews and team exercise).

Here’s what it doesn’t mean: that all of those factors are weighted equally. For applicants who are agonizing over the essays, let me put it into perspective. Spectacular essays won’t outweigh weak competitive academics or work experience. That said, a high GMAT isn’t everything. Last year, we denied hundreds of applicants with GMAT scores higher than 700. Rest assured, we read and evaluate all pieces of your application as we’re getting to know you.

Hope this is helpful. If you have questions, feel free to post a comment and I’ll be around to answer.

The Admissions office will be closed on November 26th and 27th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. On that note, we are thankful for meeting and getting to know so many great candidates - in person or through your apps. Thanks for investing the time in sharing yourselves with us.