It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like...the Ross MBA Class of 2018!


Round 1 decisions are complete (all decisions were posted online last Friday, December 18) and the Admissions team is looking forward to taking a break for the holidays, and kicking off Round 2 in early January.

This year’s Round 1 applicant pool enabled us to continue to raise the bar in terms of the quality and diversity of our class. The team and I had a very difficult time selecting from such a strong group. We spent more time discussing and debating candidates than I’ve ever experienced in my 11 years at Ross. To give you a glimpse into the diversity of experiences among our admits, here are a few:

  • A woman who led the product development and launch of Doritos Rainbows to raise money for the It Gets Better Foundation
  • A man who launched the inaugural Special Olympics chapter in Nicaragua
  • A man who, with his wife, has a top-ranked cooking class in Tokyo (as rated by TripAdvisor)
  • A woman who is recognized as a co-inventor of commands used to drive NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity
  • A woman who led all environmental sustainability efforts for AEG venues and large music festivals around the country
  • A former professional motorcycle driver

A larger and stronger pool meant that we weren’t able to offer admission to many great applicants. For those who have questions about being on the waitlist, please see my previous blog about the waitlist as well as our Waitlist FAQs page. For those who were not offered admission but are still interested in attending Ross, we encourage you to re-apply next year. While we don’t offer feedback, re-applicants do well in the process. They are admitted at nearly the same rate as first-time applicants.

For those of you planning to submit in Round 2, take a listen to the latest app tips webinar and connect in person with our students, who will be in various parts of the world over the winter break. They would love to meet with you over coffee to talk about their experience at Ross. Check out our events list for dates and locations.

We hope that you have a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. See you back here in the new year!