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For those of you who haven’t been checking our website daily to see if our new app is live (hopefully you’ve been doing other things - like studying for the GMAT or working on your resume), I’m pleased to report our 2017 application is live.

Now you can complete the easy parts of the application (like fill in your name and address) and feel like you’ve accomplished something instead of just staring at your test prep book or your out-of-date resume.

A couple things to note about our app:

  • 2 essays. Total word count: 650.
    Though there’s an “Optional Essay,” we’re not really looking for more words. The optional essay should only be used if there’s something in your background that requires a brief explanation. It’s not the place to submit an essay you wrote for another school, or to tell us how much you love Ross.
  • 1 recommendation letter via a “Common Recommendation Form.”
    Ross was one of a few business schools that worked closely with the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC, i.e., the makers of the GMAT) this past year to develop a common rec to streamline the application process. If you apply to any of the early adopter schools (which currently includes Cornell, Ross, NYU, and Stanford; other schools to follow in the coming year), your recommender will answer the same questions and use the same rating grid, not different ones for each school.

Though I posted the 2017 essay questions in an earlier blog, I didn’t share the rationale for the slight modifications. (They’re not really mods for new applicants since you probably don’t know what last year’s questions were). The motivation for adding “outside of your professional life” (to Q1, which asks what you’re most proud of) was to get to glimpse into the personal side of you. We’ll already have your resume and rec letter to give us a sense of your professional life. Besides, would you want to read thousands of essays about the time someone was a project manager and completed the project on time and under budget? (I hope you said “no”). Me either. (I’m going to assume you said “no”).

The change in Q2 is the word count - from 400 to 250. The main thing we’re “looking for” in this question is whether the career goal you have in mind makes sense with an MBA. There’s nothing to over-think in this essay other than stating what you think you want to do after b-school and why it interests you. We know that students’ goals sometimes change after they start b-school. That’s ok. We won’t withhold your diploma if you don’t choose the career path you said you wanted to pursue in your application. We just want to understand what you’re thinking at the time of your application so we can evaluate whether an MBA is a good fit for your goal.

For more application advice, be sure to check out our latest app tips webinar. And come to an event. One of us on the admissions team will be there and you can ask questions then. We hope to connect with you soon!

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