We’re Preparing to Release Interview Invitations Today


This week, the AdComm has been reading and discussing apps to calibrate our interview invitation decisions and manage the total number of invitations we extend. At this stage, we try to cast the net as wide as we can while being realistic about admissibility and interview capacity, and striving to achieve a diverse interview pool. Lots of variables to consider even at this early stage!

The target interview invitation date is Tuesday, October 25.

Given the 13 percent increase in Round 1 apps (our third consecutive year of increases), we’re spending more time reviewing apps than we ever have in Round 1. Notable changes in the pool: a big increase in apps from women, and increases from both U.S. and international applicants.

Here are some questions that are likely to be on your minds right now:

“Where should I do my interview?”

Applicants who are invited to interview can do them on-campus, in your local area with an alum, or via Skype. All interviews carry the same weight, regardless of where they’re conducted. However, we encourage you to interview on-campus, if possible, as it’ll be the only opportunity in Round 1 to do the Team Exercise, which gives us a data point on your ability to work on teams.   

Round 1 on-campus interviews will be conducted on Mondays, Fridays and one Saturday. Many interviewees stay an extra day to explore campus and Ann Arbor. If you haven’t been to Ann Arbor before (like the vast majority of our students), you’ll have a chance to see why students and alums love it here so much and can’t wait for a chance to come back.  

“I wasn’t invited to interview. What does that mean?”

It means that your application will be further reviewed to determine whether you will be placed on the waitlist or denied. If you are waitlisted, your application will be reconsidered with the Round 2 pool.

Here are the two most common reasons for being waitlisted: (1) your GMAT/GRE and/or your undergrad record weren’t as competitive as others in the pool; (2) your professional achievements weren’t as strong as others in the pool. The thing to keep in mind is that your app is being compared to others in the pool.

We’re not just looking for admissibility. We could fill the class several times over with applicants who are admissible. We’re looking to create the strongest class possible across every dimension.   

“What can I do if I’m not invited to interview?”

Once your app has been submitted, the only update you can provide is a new GMAT or GRE score. And if you think it is your GMAT/GRE score that’s holding you back, consider retaking it (if you haven’t already).

“How can I prepare for the interview?”

Know your resume. That’s where your interviewer will start. Be prepared to give examples to support your claims.

Research the school. Interviewers are proud of their school. Doing your homework on Ross demonstrates interest.

Prepare responses to questions you should expect to be asked, e.g., “Why do you want to get an MBA? Why do you want to do that at Ross? What do you hope to pursue after getting your MBA? Why?” You want to be prepared, but you don't want to sound "canned." It's a balance between knowing what you want to say, but not sounding like you memorized lines.

Be clear and succinct; don’t ramble. Be authentic; you don’t need to try to “impress” us. Be enthusiastic - not just in an admissions interview, but in other situations where you’re interacting with someone you don’t know; you’ll make a more positive impression.   

View answers to more frequently asked questions you may have in one of my recent videos:



International Student Loan Update

We're reviewing options for an additional international student loan program (on top of the Prodigy no-cosigner loan) that would be available for international students starting Fall 2017. We hope to have an agreement in place by the end of December.

There’s still time to connect with us!

We have a few more off-campus events and webinars coming up in November, as well as on-campus visits through mid-December. We hope you’ll have a chance to connect with us in-person or virtually.