Look Who’s Joining The Michigan Ross Class of 2019


We are excited to see the Ross Class of 2019 starting to take shape. Students will be coming from companies familiar to MBAs - like Bain, BCG, Barclays, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung and Unilever - as well as from less common pre-MBA paths like:

  • A senior strategy manager at Tencent
  • A former analyst at The White House
  • A news producer for ABC News
  • Not one, but two women from Girls Who Code
  • A chief of military justice with the U.S. Air Force (aka, JAG)
  • A youth engagement manager for the United Nations Foundation

Many have graduate degrees ranging from aerospace engineering to genetics to law. Many more will be pursuing dual degrees with the Schools of Public Health, Public Policy, Law, Medicine, Social Work and Natural Resources.


What’s Awesome at Ross Now

Let me start with an “awesome” thing from admissions. This year has been our most competitive in 15 years. Total applications are the highest they’ve been since 2002. We have a record number of applications from women, and a record number of countries represented. And the AdCom has enjoyed reading about the diverse experiences and achievements this year’s applicants have had. It seems that applicants have learned that telling their own story is the key to “standing out.”   


Other things that we’re excited about:

  • Students are developing businesses with a social impact: One of our MBA students teamed up with a University of Michigan Medical student to develop an affordable, high quality, low-tech ventilator that can be used to prevent the deaths of millions of babies in low-middle income countries. This duo won funding from the Michigan Business Challenge pitch competition to support clinical testing.
  • Students are about to span the globe to solve real-world business challenges: For the next seven weeks, students will be working with companies like Google, Amazon and Pepsi, startups in Israel and India, a venture capital firm in Vietnam, an engineering firm in Finland, an ecotourism company in Peru, nonprofit organizations in Chile, China, Egypt and Nepal, a coffee company in Kenya and Tanzania, to name a few. Oh to be in their shoes! You can follow their projects on Instagram - just check out the #RossMAP tag.
  • Students launched an MBA podcast series: If you want to know what current Rossers are thinking and talking about, check out the student-launched Business Beyond Usual podcast. It features a student host talking with fellow students about top of mind topics like rankings, the role of business in society, tech boom for MBAs, making a difference, how to prepare for your MBA, and women in business.
  • You can listen to the latest episode "Women in Business" below:


Round 2 Status

The team is scheduled to finish individual app reads the week of March 6, then we’ll start reviewing decisions at the class-level. We’ll call U.S. admits on March 15 and international admits on March 16. All decisions will be released at 12pm EST on March 17.


Round 3 is Around the Corner!

If you’ve started an app, don’t be daunted by the stats. We won’t be done admitting in Round 2. We know there are great candidates to come in Round 3. If you’ve read my blogs from past years (as I’m sure some of you have…), you know that some of our most successful students and alumni applied in Round 3 or were admitted from the waitlist. It could be you! March 20th is the deadline. And in case you missed it, check out our Round 3 admissions tips webinar. Good luck finishing those apps!

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