Round 1 Timeline, Team Exercise 2.0, And An Invitation To Interview ME


It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Ann Arbor.

Just like students crammed for Fall A finals, the AdCom has been busy calibrating decisions and managing the final interview list. All Round 1 interview invitations will go out today (Monday, Oct 30).

Team Exercise 2.0

If you’re applying to Ross, you’ve probably heard about our Team Exercise. The gist of it is that teams are tasked with developing a business challenge and solution using random words (selected by your team) and then presenting the case to an evaluator.

New this year: your evaluator will ask your group a follow-up question based on the solution you present. The goal is to assess how you problem-solve as a team in real-time.

Why should you do the Team Exercise when it’s optional? Our on-campus interview days are more than just a one-on-one interview, they provide an additional opportunity to demonstrate your potential fit with Ross. We designed a day that offers candidates a robust experience of Ross. In addition to the interview, candidates have an opportunity to connect with our centers & institutes, which focus on sustainability, entrepreneurship, emerging markets, social impact, positive business, and operations, learn from one of our faculty members, ask current students about life at Ross, and meet people who could potentially be future classmates. Some students even find their future roommates and start-up partners at our interview days.

Interview Me

The students who run the Business Beyond Usual podcast have asked me to join them for an upcoming episode for a special Q+A — and the host, Ramu, will be asking me questions from prospective students.

Have a question you’ve wanted to ask about the application or essays or life at Ross? Want to know more about how we make our admissions decisions? Curious about my favorite restaurants in Ann Arbor? Whatever it is, ask away and tune in to the Business Beyond Usual podcast in November to hear the interview.

You can either leave your question in the comments below and I’ll forward to the students, or you can send it to them directly via email at

We’re still on the Road!

The team is still traveling to meet candidates all over, and we’re always joined by Ross alums. In November, we’ll be in NY, DC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Houston and three cities in India. We hope you can join us!