Where Are We Now? Updates On Round 1 And Round 2


Round 1: Getting to Know You. All of You.  

Ross alumni interviewers around the world are wondering, “Where have all our interviewees gone?”

The answer: Ann Arbor!

The number of applicants choosing to come to campus for their interviews continues to increase. In Round 1, we welcomed candidates from Peru, Brazil, Vietnam, China, Korea, India, France, Australia, Colombia, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada. These candidates know there’s no substitute for experiencing a school first-hand. Going to business school is a major life decision. You want to choose a school that will be a good fit for you, not just the one that chooses you.

For those who didn’t get an invitation to interview, your application is being carefully reviewed by the AdCom to determine whether to place you on the waitlist in Round 1 and potentially invite you to interview in Round 2. Whatever the committee decides, you’ll find out on Friday, December 15 when we release all Round 1 decisions.

Round 2: Tips for getting to “Submit”

For those of you applying in Round 2, you have about six weeks until the app deadline, Tuesday, January 2 (at 11:59PM EST, for those of you who want to use every minute available). Plenty of time to get it done and enjoy the holidays!

Here are some tips on the pieces of the app you’re probably still working on:

  • Essays: Don’t agonize over it. We want to get to know you as if we were talking with you. Keep it simple. Focus on the parts that highlight who you are and how you roll. For an example of how simple you can make it, check out my own responses to our new short answer questions.
  • GMAT/GRE: You have six more weeks to take - or retake - it; a lot of applicants do. We look at the highest score, so it can’t hurt you to take it again. Moreover, we view it favorably when an applicant strives to do better if their score isn’t where they think it could be. Put your best effort forward. It’s probably the last standardized test you’ll ever take.
  • Resume: Don’t undervalue this. It’s the first thing we look at (and the only thing an interviewer sees), so present yourself well. Make it clear to someone who doesn’t work in your industry. Make each bullet count; demonstrate your impact. Keep it to one page.
  • Recommendation: Make sure you touch base with your recommender to confirm that s/he is on track to submit it by the deadline (January 2). Remember, we require only one rec.

If you want more advice on preparing a strong app, join me and other AdCom members for our Getting Ready for Ross Round 2 webinar on December 1 at 1:00pm EST.

My final piece of advice for today, and the best one yet: open up your calendar. Go to December 23. Create an event called “Close my laptop.” That’s the day you should step away from your app and take a real break (as I plan to do!).

The evening of January 1, after the grogginess of ringing in the new year has worn off, open up your laptop and take one last read through your app. Review it with fresh eyes. It’s probably better than you thought it would be. Make any last tweaks, and you’ll be ready to submit.

The Admissions office will be closed on November 23-24 in observance of Thanksgiving in the U.S.

We are thankful to have met - in person and through your apps - great candidates from all around the world. We hope that the time you’ve invested thinking about yourself and what you want to do has been valuable.

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