Round 1 Decisions Are Right Around The Corner


The team is working hard to finalize decisions for our incredibly strong Round 1 applicant pool.

Decisions will be released on Friday, December 15 at 12:01PM EST (i.e., the same time zone as New York).

No surprise - there are three possible outcomes:
  • Admitted: You’ve probably heard we call admitted students. If you’re itching to know when you’ll be called, here are the dates: Wednesday, Dec 13 for admits who live in the U.S., Thursday, December 14 for admits who live outside the U.S. Look for area code “734”.  

  • Waitlist offer: If you’re waitlisted, you’ll have until early January to let us know whether you want to be on our waitlist and be considered in Round 2. If you interviewed in Round 1, you don’t need to re-interview in Round 2. If you weren’t interviewed in Round 1, you may be invited to interview in Round 2.

Waitlisted candidates will be given an opportunity to submit an update through a formal update process in the spring. In the interim, submitting a new test score is the most significant item you can add to your file.

  • Denied: There can be many reasons for not being admitted. Some of those reasons can be addressed with another year - e.g., additional work experience and achievements, a stronger test score, more self-reflection and clarity around goals. There are many students in our current class who weren’t admitted the first time they applied, and strengthened their candidacy the following year.  

Where to get last minute insights for Round 2 apps

If you’re looking for tips as you finish up your Round 2 app, check out the admissions webinar the team hosted last week for the inside scoop on how we review each part of the app. If you want to get a sense of Ross’ culture, connect with one of our students over the holidays at a Cafe Chat. The conversation could give you insights about the Ross experience that you won’t find on our website.   

Ok. Back to debating with the team over the last set of decisions.