Get Ready: Two Waves of Interview Invitations Are Coming For Round 2


Happy New Year! Hopefully you didn’t spend too much of the holiday season frantically writing essays. The team welcomed the break as a short breather before Round 2 apps, which is our biggest round.

In order to give all apps a proper review, interview invitations will be going out in two waves. The first group of invitations will be sent later this week. The second (and final) batch will go out by the end of January. The timing of your interview invitation is not an indicator of the strength of your application.

Round 2 Team Exercise Locations

This round, the team exercise will be held in the following four locations:

  • Ann Arbor (Feb 2 - 19; see below for details)
  • Sao Paulo (Jan 27)
  • Tokyo (Feb 3)
  • Shanghai (Feb 6)

Interview invitees can choose any of the four locations above to do the team exercise. Participation is optional and a great way to give our team another data point about you.

To get a better sense of what to expect during the team exercise and what we’re “looking for,” check out my video on the subject.

On-campus interview days will begin on Friday, February 2 and run most Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays through February 19. On-campus availability is limited and fills up quickly, so you may want to start thinking about your availability in February. Off-campus interviews can be completed between January 19 - February 18. We value all interview types equally.

Upcoming, we have a full schedule of webinars to answer your questions about Ross and hear insights from current students. Topics include, Career Support at Ross, Partners and Families at Ross and Student-led Investment funds. You can view the full schedule here.

Check back at the end of the month as I’ll share some important tips to help you prepare for your interview.