Being Successful in Round 3 — Don’t Psych Yourself Out


For the shortest month of the year, February sure feels as busy as it gets here in Ann Arbor.

First off, the Admissions team has been busy hosting more than 500 Round 2 candidates interviewing on-campus. For many, it’s their first time in Ann Arbor. While they are here, I encourage them to explore Ann Arbor and learn what students like them - from all over the world - love about Ann Arbor.

We’ve also been engaging with current students in the many events going on around the school. In the past two weeks alone, the team and I have had the pleasure of attending the following Ross events:

  • As part of the Design + Business Club conference, Ross alum Emily Tsiang, who teaches at Stanford’s d. School, ran a “Design Your Life” workshop that showed students how to create and build a fulfilling career and life. The conference also featured workshops facilitated by Google and FordLabs.  
  • The 42nd annual Alfred L. Edwards conference, hosted by our Black Business Students Association, featured Tristan Walker, Founder & CEO of Walker & Company Brands. The conference also featured panels with Ross alums from Google, Microsoft, P&G, SC Johnson, Starbucks, Village Capital, and many more.  
  • A talk by Ross alum and CEO of Shinola, Tom Lewand. He shared how Michigan Ross students launched Shinola’s audio headphone business through the Living Business Leadership Experience course.
  • Personal story-sharing by students in our Asian American Business Students Association on topics like what’s in a name and perceptions of Asian masculinity. I had the privilege of closing the talks out with my own story of growing up as the child of a Tiger Mom.
  • On Tuesday night was Ross Diaries, a “Moth-style” storytelling event where students share very personal stories of challenge, discovery, and growth.
  • Last but not least, we’re looking forward to participating in the more than a dozen events that will be going on as part of Diversity Week at Ross. Check out the packed schedule.


Three reasons to apply in Round 3

  1. We reserve space in the class for Round 3.
  2. We like Round 3 applicants. Last year, some of our best students - academically and leadership-wise - were admitted in Round 3.
  3. There’s no chance of being admitted if you don’t apply.  

For tips on applying in Round 3, join us this Thursday, February 15 for a webinar on applying in Round 3. The Admissions team will be joined by a couple current students who’ll share why they decided to apply “late in the game” and how they pulled together a successful app. There’s over a month left till our Round 3 application deadline (March 19th). There’s still time. And you'll hear tips if you join the webinar this Thursday.

Hope to connect with you soon!

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