Sponsor high-potential leaders; strengthen your organization.

Since the inception of the Global MBA Program in 2001, more than 400 companies have partnered with Michigan Ross to educate their next generation of leaders. These companies represent a wide range of industries and vary greatly in terms of annual revenue, number of employees, and time in business.

By sponsoring high-potential leaders to enroll in the Ross Global MBA Program, you can support your most valuable talent while preparing them to strengthen your organization. In addition to providing a dynamic, rigorous foundation delivered both in-person and online, this 16-month program's action-based approach to learning includes three immersive residencies and a seven-week consulting project.

  • High-potential leaders will return to your organization with a holistic understanding of global business and culture.
  • They will be adept at synthesizing multiple perspectives in order to assess different kinds of risks and opportunities.
  • A variety of action-based learning opportunities, including three action-based residencies, will help them manage challenges upon their return to your organization. 
  • Through our blended delivery of in-person and online coursework, they will be prepared for success in an ever-changing world. 
  • They will possess the tools, knowledge, and skills to lead change and innovation, not just imagine it. 

We welcome companies of all sizes from all industries, publicly-traded or family-owned. Any organization seeking to nurture its future leaders and equip them with a global perspective and cutting-edge skills is welcome to join the Ross Global MBA Program. Contact us at rossgmba@umich.edu to learn more.

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Sponsorship Agreement for the Ross Global MBA Program.

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