Before you jump on a plane to go abroad, be sure that you have done your research and explored the following information and resources.

Pre-Departure Planning

Did you register your travel in the U-M Registry? Do you have GeoBlueTravel Abroad Health Insurance? Did you make photocopies of your passport and other important items? Before you go, read through Global Michigan's Pre-Departure Planning information to make sure you don’t forget something important.

Obtain a Passport

All students must have a passport to study abroad. Apply now if you do not have a passport! If you have one, make sure it will be valid at least six months beyond the end date of your travels abroad. 

Research Visa Requirements

You are responsible for researching and being well-informed of the various travel and visa requirements for your global experiences You should begin this research as early as possible. Contact a qualified visa service or the appropriate consulates for the most accurate visa information. 

Health & Safety Abroad

The University is deeply committed to seeing that students have tools in place to be safe and healthy while abroad and the resources to respond should an emergency situation arise. See the Health & Safety Abroad page for information on how to prepare for safe and healthy international travel.