When your organization sponsors an Executive Multidisciplinary Action Project (ExecMAP), you get a team of elite Executive MBA students, guided by senior faculty, to tackle your most pressing business challenges.

Our Executive MBA students are intelligent, innovative, and accomplished; typically in their late 30s to mid-40s; with diverse backgrounds and years of practical experience in a variety of fields and functions. Students spend 10 weeks working on your project, from September to December.

Proposal Opens: March 1, 2023    |      Proposal Closes: June 30, 2023     |      Project Timeline: Late Sept. - Mid December
Project Duration: 12 Weeks     |      Program Capacity: 23 projects

The Benefits of Sponsorship

Get a fresh look at your business issue from an unbiased team.

Receive thorough, data-driven recommendations.

Gain exposure to the latest business tools and techniques practiced by faculty and top students.

Build relationships with Ross students, reinforcing recruiting strength with Ross.

Directly invest in the education and development of tomorrow's business leaders.

Considering ExecMAP

If you are interested in sponsoring a project, the first thing to do is develop a project proposal.

ExecMAP delivers the most value when you have pressing, strategic issues with no simple solution. The best projects:

  • Require a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Can be successfully completed in 12 weeks.
  • Have strong support from senior-level management.
  • Demand a set of actionable recommendations.

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  • Provide a dedicated and engaged project liaison
  • Provide relevant data, which may be proprietary, to the MAP team.
  • Arrange for the MAP team to interview key personnel appropriate to the project.
  • Provide workspace and appropriate business and communications equipment if a site visit should occur.
  • Sponsors are asked to invest in their project via a modest program fee, which goes directly to support the student experience and non-instructional costs. The program fee would also include travel costs for the student site visit. Specific project cost information is available from the Office of Action-Based Learning upon request and via the proposal form.
  • Organizations have the ability to request assistance with the fee via the online proposal form.
Getting Started with ExecMAP

1. Developing a project proposal with us - April through Late June

We’ll work with you to ensure that the proposal meets the objectives of the school as well as your organization. Program capacity is limited to 23 projects for Executive MBA MAP. 

2. Review and approval: Ross faculty review all proposals - July

We’ll get back in touch to provide an update on the status of your project within six weeks of the proposal deadline.

3. Bidding and team formation - late July through early August

Executive MBA students bid to work on approved projects and are assigned, along with faculty advisors, according to their preferences and your stated needs.

4. Kickoff and project work - Late September through December

Your ExecMAP team immerses in the project, traveling and working on-site as required.

5. Final presentation - mid December

Your ExecMAP team and faculty advisor deliver their final presentation to you and other key stakeholders. ExecMAP teams present to the organization’s senior leadership either virtually or on campus in Ann Arbor or Los Angeles.


Office of Action-Based Learning   RossActionLearning@umich.edu​   734-615-2096

Fill out our MAP Interest Form and a member of the Ross Action-Based Learning team will contact you with more information and to discuss your ideas.