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The cornerstones of the Faculty in Training Program

Creating thought-provoking research is a priority for professors. Our Faculty in Training Program will show you how to develop your research interests over time. We cover methodology, how to collect and analyze data, interpret data, and draw conclusions. You’ll be exposed to the best ways to write up research and present it to colleagues.

Top faculty are inspiring teachers and know how to lead a classroom. Our program covers the basics such as course and lesson planning, classroom management, different instructional methods, and setting student expectations. But you’ll also learn the “softer” skills that make a distinctive teacher -- creating student interaction, providing and receiving feedback, and motivating students while assessing their performance.

At Michigan Ross, we believe in making a positive difference in the world. Part of that means faculty should give their time for professional development and the good of the school. We encourage our PhD students to be a part of the PhD Forum, become a cohort representative, and get involved in the area admission process. You can plan and execute events, help mentor junior PhD students, and socialize and network with colleagues. These connections help foster ideas that create a community of excellent researchers and teachers.

Those involved in academia know that teaching, research, and service are only part of the picture. Becoming a good administrator makes you a valued colleague and can help you move up the ladder. Our program will show you how to set priorities, manage time, tap the resources of the entire campus. You’ll also learn how to work with the support staff, delegate tasks, and become a good steward for funding opportunities.