Ross professor summits Everest, headed to Kilimanjaro in the fall


This fall, the U-M Ross School of Business will take leadership training to a new level. A very, very high level, with a first-ever leadership class climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Derue1It's part of an executive education program from Ross, which was just ranked among the top ten in the world by the Financial Times. Professor and course leader Scott DeRue just summited Mount Everest (and blogged along the way for Harvard Business Review), and after returning home, DeRue will lead training sessions for a program on Mount Kilimanjaro in September. He says it is an ideal setting for leadership development.

"We don't simply teach leadership. We design experiences for you to learn leadership," DeRue said. "Climbing is the ideal experiential laboratory for learning leadership skills to transform you and your organization's performance."

Will it be challenging? Yes.
Thrilling? Yes.
Rewarding? You bet.

Learn more about the Advanced Leadership in Action: Kilimanjaro program. Deadline to sign up is quickly approaching. The program is suitable for beginners and experienced hikers. It costs $14,300, which includes tuition, climbing guide and park permit fees, group gear and equipment, meals, ground transportation and three nights' hotel stay in Tanzania.