Wall Street Journal Takes a Sure Bet on U-M Ross Professor


When the Wall Street Journal started analyzing a trove of online gambling data for a story on the real odds of gambling, it turned to a leading expert on the subject -- U-M Ross Professor Puneet Manchanda. The marketing professor has studied casino gambling behavior for years and helped the WSJ verify the patterns it saw in data released by an online gambling company.

10.15.13Manchanda has studied casino gambling habits and the effects fellow gamblers and promotions have on casino patrons. The analysis by Manchanda and Hee Mok Park, PhD ’13 and professor at the University of Connecticut, shows similar patterns as the online gambling data. In short, long-term heavy gambling is pretty much a losing proposition.

For more on the subject, read Manchanda’s recent study on peer effects at the casino and his 2008 study on casino gambling behavior.

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