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Recruiting season for Ross students is in full effect, which means meeting and networking with representatives from some of the world’s biggest companies and most sought-after employers. Last year, Ross students had access to more than 2,400 on-campus interview opportunities.

WG.RecruitingWith so many chances to make connections and start the career of a lifetime, it’s important to be prepared. So we asked Damian Zikakis, the director of Ross Career Services, for some helpful recruiting-season tips. Here’s his advice on how to effectively shine during this season of networking:

  • When engaging in small talk, put your best self forward. Recruiters are already gathering impressions of you. In other words, don't talk about how tired you are, how much work you need to do, etc. Give them a positive glimpse into your character.
  • Don't get ahead of yourself, e.g.
    • Presentations are opportunities to learn and identify potential networking contacts, not make an impression.
    • Networking is the opportunity to build a relationship, not pitch yourself.
    • Cover letters are marketing tools to get recruiters excited about reading your resume, nothing else.
    • Resumes are marketing tools to get recruiters to want to interview you, nothing else.
  • Always be genuine and polite to everyone; you never know who the most influential person is within the company.
  • Always write a thank-you after interactions with company representatives within 24 hours after the event/interview.  Make it customized, personal and professional!
  • You are always being evaluated. Take time to prepare for every interaction with a company representative.
  • Ask appropriate, genuine, and targeted questions, e.g., how the recruiter became interested in the company, what past interns have gotten to do, etc. Be genuine in your questions. Leave space for the recruiter to talk.

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