Dean Davis-Blake in Inc: The World of Work is Changing


In a new op-ed published by Inc Magazine this week, Michigan Ross Dean Alison Davis-Blake writes about the new reality of our collective working lives.

Today’s workers and business leaders, Davis-Blake says, are living in a world where “corporations shape the quality of life for individuals and communities like no other institution.”

And that’s a responsibility the business leaders of tomorrow are taking seriously, the Dean argues, adding that corporations need to focus on creating value in a multitude of areas - from economic to personal to social.

It’s a message that is embodied in Michigan Ross’ mission to develop leaders who make a positive difference in the world.

It’s the same message she shared with The Financial Times back in May. And it’s a message we know resonates with the recruiters looking to hire our graduates, prepped and ready to lead in the new, transformative world of work.

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