Report: Ross Grads Have The Jobs Everyone Wants


A new report from Universum, an employer research and branding firm, asked more than 240,000 students from 1,700+ global universities who the most attractive employers were.

The results look good for students studying at Michigan Ross.

Employer Universum Rank* Hired Ross Grads?**
Google 1 Yes
PwC 2 Yes
EY 3 Yes
Goldman Sachs 4 Yes
KPMG 5 Yes
Deloitte 6 Yes
Apple 7 Yes
Microsoft 8 Yes
J.P. Morgan 9 Yes
P&G 10 Yes

On the list, 42 of the top 50 companies hired a Ross grad last year (see chart). In fact, most of the top ten list are also among Ross’ top hiring companies for 2014, meaning they hired more Ross grads than other companies did.

Students are saying they want to work for these companies, and Ross is making it happen.

What makes the companies on the list attractive to students, according to the report, is a clear and galvanizing company purpose, a commitment to innovation, and opportunities for professional growth and development.

Those qualities the emerging millennial work force finds intriguing in potential employers seem to match up well with the qualities of dynamic, positive leadership these companies are looking for in business school grads. And we’re happy that we’re able to bring them together so well through the recruiting opportunities developed by Ross Career Services.

Read more about the Universum report in Bloomberg.

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*Universum 2015 Attractive Companies Report
**Ross Recruiters Guide

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