Five Surprising Reasons Compassion Is a Competitive Advantage


In a new blog on The Huffington Post in partnership with Great Work Cultures, Ross Professor Jane Dutton and Center for Positive Organizations faculty affiliate Monica Worline share what their work has uncovered about the true power of compassionate thinking when it comes to business and the bottom line.

“It's not always obvious to business people that compassion is relevant to their world,” the two say in the blog. “As compassion researchers who have focused on this topic for over 15 years, we have found that compassion is a surprise ingredient in the recipe for sustainable strategic success.”

In the piece, they outline five competitive advantages their research has shown that a compassion strategy can have:

  1. Compassion provides the lynchpin in high-quality service and brand loyalty
  2. Compassion heightens employee engagement and commitment
  3. Compassion helps recruit talented people
  4. Compassion fuels learning and innovation
  5. Compassion fosters adaptability and change

Read more about the research behind each outcome in The Huffington Post blog.

Dutton and Worline will also deliver a workshop about how to unlock compassion in the workplace at the Positive Business Conference on May 12 and 13.  

Registration for the conference is now open. Other speakers include executives from PwC, Google, Kellogg Company, Tau Investment Management, and more.

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Read the full blog on The Huffington Post

5 Surprising Reasons Compassion Is a Competitive Advantage

Photo: Monica Worline by Monica C. Worline and Jane E. Dutton Recently, as Monica's beloved Bernese Mountain Dog was living her final days, Monica had planned a hotel stay near a specialty veterinary treatment center. On the eve of her arrival, she received news that the tumor was not treatable.