We Asked Recruiters Why They Hire Ross Alums, Here’s What They Said


For students in Michigan Ross programs, the recruiting season is in full swing – and that means more than 90 companies have begun to descend into the Winter Garden to conduct more than 4,000 interviews to find the right person for the job.

And more often than not, that right person turns out to be a Ross graduate. More than 96 percent of Ross BBA grads had a job within three months of graduation. All of the top ten most desirable companies to work for hired Ross grads of all degree types last year. And Ross MBA grads were second only to Harvard in terms of total compensation offered by those new jobs.

So what makes Ross grads so desirable? We went straight to the source and asked recruiters why they hire Ross alums. Here’s what they had to say:

Justin Manly, MBA ‘07, The Boston Consulting Group
“We recruit Ross students because they are collaborative, humble, sharp, energetic, and they take initiative. Their collaborative spirit and humility make them thrive in our team environments, internally and with clients.

“Their sharpness enables them to contribute to solving the toughest problems in the world. Their energy and sense of initiative contribute to a drive to deliver value for our clients, and to challenge ourselves to continually push the limits of possibility.”

Sara Borowski, MBA ‘12, Amazon
“As a Ross Alum, I’m so proud that year after year, Amazon recruits more MBA graduates from Ross than any other MBA program in the world. We find that Ross grads have all the skills we would expect from a top-tier MBA program, but what really sets them apart are the softer skills: Ross leaders are inclusive, down-to-earth, and distinct in their ability to put theory into practice.”


Kent Knudson, MBA ‘09, Bain & Company
“We tackle very difficult problems with our clients and it’s not an academic exercise. Ross students come into Bain prepared to contribute on this immediately. Equally important – and I know I have my own biases here – I think the men and women who chose to attend Ross are great culture fits with Bain. At Ross, they chose to join a
culture of support – from peers, professors, alums, etc. Ross students don’t just want to receive support, but they are passionate about providing support to others as well. That is the same environment we strive to create at Bain and Ross alums are really well suited for this.” 

Matt Schnugg, MBA ‘11, Microsoft
“In my five years recruiting at Ross, we've seen an inordinately large number of candidates that have gone on to become extremely successful at Microsoft. A large part of that is certainly their Ross background. I love to hire 'athletes' to my teams – candidates with a wide variety of skills, willing to play different 'positions' within their role to just get a job done. This versatility is incredibly valuable in a fast-moving industry like cloud computing, where any paradigm is basically shot in favor of actual, working solutions.

“We've found Ross to be a great place to source these athletes, often coming from non-traditional backgrounds, and those that have succeeded in their past lives with good, old fashioned ingenuity and hustle. The emphasis on action based learning often provides many opportunities to thrive as an athlete, and I like to tell any student looking for advice to get outside their comfort zone, for just that reason.”

Maggie Chang, BBA ‘14, Procter & Gamble
“Procter & Gamble looks to hire top talent, and sourcing from the Leaders & Best is a priority for the company. Teamwork and agile thinking are two traits that fuel P&G culture, and Ross does a great job developing those skills and more, which allow for success at P&G.”


Brook Cunningham, MBA ‘07, Lazard
“When we are searching for new talent to join Lazard, we continue to return to Michigan Ross due to the optimal blend of qualitative and quantitative training the school provides to its students. Beyond the obvious base level skill set required for a career in Investment Banking – strong understanding of finance and accounting, excellent communication skills and professional presence, to name a few – Ross produces graduates that recognize the importance of emotional and cultural intelligence, critical strategic thinking, and leadership by example and tenacity, which are all critical to success this industry.

“At Ross, we find candidates who can not only excel in the technical day-to-day aspects of the job, but also have the potential to become future leaders of the firm.”

Jason Gaswirth, MBA '04, PwC
“We view Ross as a great fit for PwC's culture of collaboration, real-time feedback and learning by doing. The action based learning model at Michigan prepares MBAs to make a differentiated impact in consulting from day one. The Ross advantage also persists over time, as we see Michigan students excel in performance and growth in the Firm.


Tripp Dudley, MBA ‘11, Accenture
“Ross students match the culture of Accenture Strategy – entrepreneurial, diverse, smart, thoughtful, and passionate. Ross students come prepared to make an impact on day one, which is why Ross is typically a top three school for MBA hires for our firm.”  


Adam Goetsch, MBA ‘06, Amazon
“I come to
Michigan to recruit fellow Ross grads because of their strong approach to teamwork, collaborative nature, broad cross-functional orientation, and their grit. In general, Rossers hit the ground running at Amazon and make a big impact to their businesses right out of the gate.”

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