Ross Alum Makes Headlines for Diversity Initiative at Google


A big part of the mission of Michigan Ross is to create graduates who make a positive difference in the world –– and one alum is doing just that at Google.

A recent feature in Fortune magazine looked at the work of Michael Gardner, BBA ‘12, who is an account manager at Google. Last fall Gardner spearheaded “Inclusion Week,” a series of presentations and group conversations about creating an inclusive workplace at the 400-employee Ann Arbor office.

He did this as part of Google’s “Diversity Core” program, which encourages employees to spend up to one-fifth of their time on initiatives to attract women and minorities to the company.

“I think Google really tries to put the best ideas first, regardless of where they come from,” Gardner says in the video that accompanies the article. “Inclusion continues to be something we really need to innovate around and work on. We continue to hire new people into the company, so making it clear that we have a commitment to diversity and inclusion, especially on a local level, is important.”


An Inside Look at How Google Is Embracing Diversity

Google is our eye into the world. The search giant has earned an intimate role in the lives of billions of people through its astounding ability to find, sort, and deliver information instanta­neously. Google handles trillions of queries per year-or 80% of all Internet searches on the planet.


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