New Podcast from Ross Students Tackles Gender Issues in Business


Women are incredibly impactful leaders. Yet, there is still a lot of work left to do to open the doors of opportunity for women throughout the business world.

A new episode of Business Beyond Usual, a podcast out today from Michigan Ross students, takes on this subject.

Host Ramu Annamalai, MBA ‘17, and his guests, fellow students Molly Hope and Alexandra Espinoza De Franco, provide listeners a look into the progress that has been made, and offer advice for both women and men continuing the push for gender equality in the workforce.

Today, women make up less than 5 percent of CEO jobs at Fortune 500 companies – despite mountains of research and evidence showing that having more women in leadership roles leads to better business performance.

In the podcast, Espinoza De Franco, the co-president of the Michigan Business Women club, talks to an expert about why it's important to have women in these roles and what has been holding that progress back. And the panel talks to a group of men who are serving as allies about how everyone can get involved.

For Michigan Ross, promoting the equality, inclusion, and success of women in business is a topic of much passion. Women make up 40 percent of the current MBA class, but hold 56% of professional club leadership positions across the school. Also, the annual Women in Leadership Conference organized by Michigan Business Women, is one of the largest student-run conferences at Ross.

Listen now:

Business Beyond Usual is available to listen to on every major podcast app. Previous episodes have focused on everything from “The Technology Boom for MBAs” to “The Great Debate: What is the Role of Business In Society?”

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