Here’s a List of Michigan Ross Alumni You Can Call On When You Need Them – It’s Pretty Long


It’s almost 400 people long, in fact. And it’s just getting started.

Michigan Ross Alumni have joined forces with Alumnifire – a networking platform designed specifically for college alumni to interact with one another and with current students — and they’re they’re asking their fellow alums to join in, too.

Co-founded by Michigan Ross alum Andrew Margie, MBA ‘04, the Michigan Ross Alumnifire program allows alumni to choose from a variety of pre-selected services they’re willing to offer to students and fellow alums, including: informational interviews, networking, resume reviews, start up advice, job shadowing, and more.

Pledge Your Services & Sign Up Today

We all know our network is powerful but a truly engaged network could be unstoppable. The process for registering is pretty easy: Using the Michigan Ross Alumnifire service, Ross Alums can pledge their time and services to other alums and current students who can then reach out and ask for assistance.

As of right now, 372 alums have signed up for the service. 288 have pledged informational interviews, 199 have offered introductions and networking, and more than 120 have offered to look over resumes and cover letters to offer constructive feedback.

What can you pledge to help Michigan Ross students and fellow alumni? Register now and join the community.

Pledge Your Time

Michigan Ross Alumni Fire system also allows those volunteering their services to pledge a specific amount of time to the cause as well, specifying the number of times they’d be comfortable being contacted by those looking for help.

Fulfill your pledge for the month? You’ll be removed from the directory until next month.

For those looking for help in the Michigan Ross community: The directory is filterable by location, job title, industry, company, and even “favorite class at Michigan Ross”, so it’s easy to find the alumni best suited to helping you out.

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