It’s Recruiting Season, And We’ve Got Some Exclusive Interview Tips From the Masters


It’s that time of year.

Tank tops have been overtaken by hoodies, iced lattes are being replaced with pumpkin spice lattes, and the Michigan Marching Band provides a pleasant soundtrack for your walk home. For Master of Management students, there’s another important signal that fall is arriving: the start of on-campus recruiting.

It’s hard to believe. You’d think they would be stressed out, wondering if they said the right thing or asked the right questions. Not this class. Extensive career search preparation is baked into the MM summer curriculum. Reviews with the Career Development Office and peers help students revise, refine, and reflect on their career stories until they’re second nature and first class. They’ve got this.

The system works ― MM career outcomes are about as predictable as shorter days and crunchy falling leaves. Ross MMs have received offers from some of the most desirable companies, including Amazon, Accenture, Eli Lilly, Ford, Google, and Target.

Want to get a job like an MM student? You’re in luck! Our Career Development Office has some interviewing advice to share heading into recruiting season.

Take me through your journey

  1. In interviews, start by discussing the “ah-ha” moment when you knew you wanted to pursue an advanced degree.

“In speaking to engineers with decades of experience, I learned you need a business degree to be considered for promotions. I knew it would be a huge differentiator that would benefit me for my entire career.”

  1. Then drill down and explain why you chose the Ross Master of Management.

“I found out about this unique opportunity to get a dual-degree MSE/MM degree at U-M. I wanted to get a master’s degree in mechanical engineering as well, so I couldn’t turn it down.”

  1. Explain why you are pursuing your particular career.

“I’m a very technically oriented person. I want to tinker with things and understand how they work. One of my extracurricular activities was working with the Michigan Aeronautical Science Association to build a hybrid rocket from scratch. It was fascinating.”

  1. Finally, share why you’re interested in the company and open position.

“I spoke with John Smith, a 25-year veteran of the company. His enthusiasm was infectious, and I was particularly excited to see an opening in your space innovation division, which really fits my background…”

There you have it. With newfound skills your biggest concern should really just be which amazing job offer to accept.

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