Marie Claire Gives Glowing Review to Ross Alum’s Cosmetics Company


We knew Sahi Cosmetics, the makeup brand founded by Shelly Sahi, MBA ‘16, wasn’t going to stay a secret for long. The company’s full suite of products are specially formulated for the vast array of medium skin tones — those found on women of Latin, Mediterranean, Indian, and Arabic descent—whose needs haven’t always been completely met by other makeup brands.

Sahi created and launched her company during her time at Ross, winning funding and competitions such as the Michigan Business Challenge, support from the Zell Lurie Institute, and a spot in the Desai Accelerator. After hawking her unique products at international cosmetics fairs and online, she recently caught the attention — and adoration — of Marie Claire magazine.

Calling Sahi Cosmetics “ridiculously inclusive,” the magazine’s glowing article explains Sahi’s drive to make her customers not just look good, but also feel confident and proud of their heritage. “And seeing as we're probably still a few (dozen) years away from the beauty industry becoming fully inclusive of all shades and undertones for the typical human being,” Marie Claire says, “we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for Sahi to eventually take over the world.”

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