Michigan Ross Set To Kick Off Latest Installment of Longest Running Executive Training Program


Michigan Ross is preparing to deliver the next installment of its longest running Executive Education program this fall in partnership with the Tata Group.

When the Tata Group Executive Leadership Seminar (TGELS) kicks off on September 25 at Ross’ Ann Arbor campus, it will be the 31st time the Michigan Ross Executive Education group has partnered with Tata to deliver leadership training to the company’s executives.

Since the time TGELS was launched in 2005 by the late Prof C.K. Prahalad, it has evolved continuously with Michigan Ross, Tata Group HR, and the Tata Management Training Center (TMTC) working closely together to establish learning objectives, and brainstorming ways to bridge the gap between where the company’s leaders are and where they need to be in the future. Seminars take place every year in ten-day blocks in TMTC Pune and at the Michigan Ross campus in Ann Arbor.

Faculty from Michigan Ross and TMTC work in tandem to provide a holistic learning experience. Michigan Ross faculty enrich and expand the functional understanding and integrated perspectives that participants apply to business. At the same time, the TMTC director and faculty team, through one-to-one coaching, help participants develop greater self-awareness, which ultimately enhances their impact as leaders by improving the effectiveness of their workplace interactions.

The next TGELS Seminar is scheduled to be held at Ann Arbor, Michigan, from September 25th- October 4th, 2017. Michigan Ross Executive Education takes great pride in the effective and enduring relationship that it has established with the Tata Group.


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