Michigan Ross Student Writing for Poets & Quants as New Campus Correspondent


In the 2017-2018 academic year, Michigan Ross welcomed its first class of freshman students who will spend four years at Ross, instead of three years as previous BBA students have done.

One of those students is Johanne Vincent, BBA ‘21, who has already taken advantage of Michigan Ross’ many offerings (such as the Ross Summer Connections program) and has fallen in love with the school.

Now, Vincent has the opportunity to share those experiences with a larger audience, writing for Poets & Quants as a Campus Ambassador.

Vincent says in a Q&A with Poets & Quants, which went live earlier this month, that Ross is full of sincere professors “who love what they do, and want you to love the subject they teach too.” She’s also impressed by her peers: “I’ve never met a group of students who were so motivated and driven to achieve their dreams and help their classmates do the same.”

Although business schools have a reputation for having a cutthroat culture, Vincent says Ross is different: “Michigan Ross definitely has a great student culture. From my experience and from what I’ve heard from other students, everyone is going to support you and help you rather than tear you down.”

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