WATCH LIVE: Industry Execs Meet with Michigan Ross Researchers on Creating the Ideal Work Culture


It’s that time of the year again––when hundreds of industry executives meet with the world’s foremost researchers on making work, well, work better.

That’s right: It’s the 2018 Positive Business Conference, happening May 10 and 11 at Michigan Ross.

The two-day conference is packed with interactive panel discussions and hands-on workshops, with a focus this year on organizational culture. You can watch main stage sessions live via this link or by watching below.

Topics run the gamut, including sessions on sustaining a positive work environment, improving performance reviews, enhancing productivity via workplace design, improving gender equality on the job, and much more.

You can check out the full schedule here.

Speakers include leaders from Microsoft, Humana, Seventh Generation, and other companies, as well as professors and researchers from Ross and other elite business schools.

The event kicks off this Thursday at 9 AM ET with presentations from the CEO of Seventh Generation and the CEO of Sustainable Brands.


LIVE NOW: Improving Gender Equality at Work with Dave Mayer, associate professor of management and organizations at Michigan Ross.

UP NEXT (3:25PM): Positive Business Project Winner Recognition with Center for Positive Organizations students Grace French and Isobel Futter.

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