We’re Joining Forces With The World’s Largest Financial Institutions To Reinforce The Importance of Ethics in Business


Michigan Ross Dean Scott DeRue is joining with business school deans and executives at some of the largest financial institutions in the world to build a unified focus around and reinforce a commitment to ethics in the financial services industry.

Writing for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Medium Blog, DeRue joined with Will Bousquette, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, to call on business school deans and finance executives from across the US to come together and address the progress and the challenges that exist in the finance industry.

“Stories of unethical corporate actions and behavior have affected public trust,” DeRue and Bousquette wrote in the post. “In financial services specifically, we believe addressing the issue of ethics starts with us — the business schools who educate the next generation of corporate leaders, and the firms who hire and employ them.”

To build consensus around the issue, DeRue, Bousquette, and leaders from across the business school and finance industry will meet on June 18, in partnership with the New York Federal Reserve, to collaborate on next steps.

“As the upcoming New York Fed conference nears, we find ourselves considering future innovations that might help further realize this cultural shift,” DuRue and Bousquette said. “Despite the challenges associated with finding solutions to these complex issues, we are optimistic about the future.”

To read more about the upcoming conference and specific innovations planned for discussion, read “Reinforcing Ethics in Financial Services” on the New York Fed Medium blog.

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