We Are Learning From REAL, Life-Changing, Hands-On Experiences


A deep commitment to learning by doing defines Michigan Ross.

We are building the most intensive and diverse real-world learning opportunities of any business school – supported by rigorous academics, coaching and mentorship, personalized assessment, and a network of top business leaders ready to support our students.

Our students experience all aspects of business in real-world settings. Michigan Ross students start businesses, both while in school and afterward. They advise businesses on how to solve difficult challenges they face. Our students invest directly in markets and business opportunities, more so than any of our peers. And starting last year, our students started leading ongoing, for-profit business ventures in partnership with leading brands, global companies, and innovative startups.

We Start Businesses

The Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, housed at Michigan Ross, is the world’s premier academic resource for rising entrepreneurs and student innovators. ZLI sponsors grants and competitions that can provide funding for student startups, as well as advice and other forms of support. And it pays off:

In the past five years, Michigan Ross students started at least 194 businesses.

During that same timeframe, Michigan Ross helped students raise $129,586,051 for their startups.

We Invest In Businesses

Ross offers unmatched opportunities for students to invest real money into promising ventures. Our seven student-run investment funds focus on early-stage companies, social impact ventures, real estate developments, and more.

We Advise Businesses

Our groundbreaking MAP course — in which teams of students work with companies around the world to solve a business challenge — remains a signature element of our Full-Time MBA program and has now expanded to almost all of our degree programs. Our students participated in 193 MAP challenges in the 2017-2018 school year, the most ever.

Those projects took place in 28 different countries around the world.

In addition to the MAP program, our students also have a wide range of other opportunities to advise companies and lead brands on innovation, growth strategies, and operational excellence, including our Business + Impact Challenges, Open Road, Tauber Institute Team Projects, and more.

Companies that look to us for help include Google, Amazon, Vail Resorts, PepsiCo, Boeing, The Alinea Group, GE Power, and over 100 more every year.

We Lead Businesses

This past fall, Michigan Ross pioneered the next great innovation in business education with the introduction of the Living Business Leadership Experience course.

In this first-of-its-kind course, Ross students work on teams within a company to establish and run real, profitable business enterprises — from launching new products to managing existing business lines, students get experience in real functional units at one of five participating organizations.

In the coming year, the number and diversity of participating companies will expand — seven will sponsor LBLE teams this fall, and we plan to launch a dozen of these ventures in the coming years. Watch for details on how Ross continues to lead the way in providing students with the most valuable, immersive experiences in business education.

We are setting a new standard in business education. We are Michigan Ross!

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