We Are Michigan Ross

We Are Michigan Ross is a series of stories that brings together the facts, figures, people, and ideas that make the Michigan Ross community unlike any other.

Our community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni are the heart of Michigan Ross: they make up a strong, powerful brand; a respected, influential scholarly voice; and an innovative educational environment that is a leader among the most elite business schools in the world.

Explore this series to get an in-depth view of who we are, and where we’re going.

We Are Michigan Ross

With some of the world’s best programs and most sought-after faculty voices, the Michigan Ross brand is strong and poised to become stronger in the coming years.

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We Are Made of Amazing People

Explore stories about the incredible people who make up our community of doers. They’ve accomplished inspiring things, take part in transformational experiences, and are pushing us toward a brighter future every day.

We Are Welcoming Another Strong Class of Impressive Students

When you bring talented people together, amazing things happen. In September 2018, we welcomed our strongest group of graduate and undergraduate students ever. And they joined an already accomplished group of students.


We Are Learning From REAL, Life-Changing, Hands-On Experiences

We are building the most hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in the world – supported by rigorous academics, coaching and mentorship, personalized assessment, and a network of world-class business leaders ready to support our students.

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We Are Delivering Unprecedented Career Outcomes for Students

We have a strong track record of helping students get the jobs they want and helping employers find the talent they need. We aspire to be the world’s most powerful career accelerator and source of leadership talent across sectors and regions, and we’re well on our way.

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We Are Home To The Strongest, Most Supportive Alumni in The World

We’re committed to supporting our Alumni for life, and they’re committed to supporting each other. With more than 50,000 alumni living in 108 countries around the world, you can’t go far without hearing a “Go Blue!”

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We Are Pioneering Incredible Ideas

Business is one of the most powerful forces on Earth for creating change. Explore stories about the innovative ideas and solutions coming out of Michigan Ross and making an impact in the real world.

We Are Respected Thought Leaders Across Industries

Our faculty are some of the most productive academics in higher education. Their research and thought leadership is changing the way companies do business and information public debate on a daily basis.

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We Are Transforming Companies From The Inside Out

From MAP opportunities to Executive Education programs, there is no shortage of companies who rely on Michigan Ross to help transform their business practices or breath new life into their enterprise.

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We Are Making An Impact on The World

Members of the Ross community come together on a daily basis to debate, co-create, and translate research insights into practical solutions that can be implemented and scaled for impact.

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