We Are Welcoming Another Strong Class of Impressive Students


Our goal at Michigan Ross is to attract and recruit the best talent from across the globe.

Thousands of students study at Michigan Ross every year, learning from and working with our faculty, running student clubs, creating new businesses, collaborating on creative projects, participating in extracurricular learning opportunities, and so much more.

Our halls and classrooms are once again filled with the energy of our students. And from our incoming class of first-year BBA students to the seasoned leaders in our Executive MBA classes, the students entering Michigan Ross programs this year are the smartest, most diverse, highest-achieving students we’ve ever seen.

They Are Brilliant

Across our programs, our newest students are entering Michigan Ross with record-setting GPAs and test scores.

Our incoming Full-Time MBA class has the highest average GMAT score of any class in Michigan Ross history, beating the previous record set last year by 4 points.

We will welcome a class of 506 first-year students to the Michigan Ross BBA program, and they are exceptional, with an average high school GPA of 3.9.

Their average SAT score is 1450 — putting our average BBA student in the 99th percentile of SAT takers.

These impressive students will meet the challenges of a rigorous Ross education. They will support each other. They will push each other to set higher goals and to achieve more incredible things. And it will be our privilege to help them become among the leaders and best.

They Are Inclusive

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is unwavering and hard-coded into the Michigan Ross DNA. Why? Because the research is very clear: diversity improves business performance, and we are the funnel of talent into business. Diversity improves creativity, and our world needs creative business solutions to the global challenges of our generation. And diversity improves learning and we are, at our core, a place of learning.

Our newest group of students continues a strong history of welcoming diverse student bodies into Michigan Ross — our Full-Time MBA Class of 2020 includes students who hold passports from 40 different countries and includes our largest number of MBA women, ever. Our newest Master of Accounting class is 52 percent female as well.

We are also pushing the boundaries in diversity of thought among our students. For example, the students in our incoming Master of Management class hail from 28 different undergraduate majors. For a class of 86 students, that’s quite a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

In our Executive MBA program, which welcomed it’s largest class ever this year, almost 10 percent have roles in the C-Suite of their company.  

It’s a spectrum of thought and experience that will serve our students well as they work together to learn, grow, and develop themselves into leaders who create a better world through their contributions in business.

From 2017-2018, more than 11,000 prospective students applied to become a part of the Michigan Ross community, with many programs seeing double digit application growth in the last year.

These incredible students are all attracted to Michigan Ross because of our unparalleled commitment to academic innovation, our rockstar faculty, our expansive and supportive alumni network, our incredible career resources and outcomes, and our ever expanding opportunities to make a real impact in the world while at school and beyond. We are Michigan Ross!

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