U-M Ranked #3 For Students Studying Abroad — Michigan Ross Sent Students to More Than 28 Countries


A new report released in November has placed the University of Michigan at #3 in the U.S. for the number of students studying abroad.

The Open Doors report by the Institute of International Education also showed that U-M has more undergraduate students studying abroad than any other university in the Big Ten.

According to the report, which examined credit-earning international experiences for U.S. undergraduate students, 3,214 University of Michigan students studied abroad during the 2016-17 academic year.

Not included in this new report are students who are not U.S. citizens. Also excluded are those who go abroad for non-credit co-curricular activities, such as internships, volunteer projects, research, and performances.

Including these students in the total education-abroad tally, U-M had 5,290 undergraduate students overseas in 2016-17 — 2,076 more students than in the Open Doors report.

During that same time frame, more than 400 undergraduate students participated in a global student experience offered through Michigan Ross, studying in more than 28 different countries.

Michigan Ross offers students from across the University of Michigan global educational experiences ranging from full-semester exchange programs to shorter global immersions that send students to a country for a shorter period of time to explore a specific international business issue.

Michigan Ross experiences that would have contributed to this report include:

Sustainable Business in Reykjavik, Iceland

Through lectures, research projects, company visits, action-based fieldwork abroad, and interactions with business leaders, students developed an understanding of business sustainability, with a focus on Iceland, a country that offers an unusual context for considering the issues of sustainability.

This course also recently won an “Ideas Worth Teaching” award from the Aspen Institute.

Doing Business In India (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai)

In this course, students learned about current business trends and intricacies involved in conducting business in India, which has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Through a mix of lectures, company visits, and action-based coursework, this course covered four key business topics in India: rapid industrial and financial growth, including the transition from an agricultural to a manufacturing and service-based economy; entrepreneurship and start-up culture; the unique role of regulation and public policy in Indian business; and social activism through business.

Intellectual Property Law in the Global Context (Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa)

Through lectures, company visits, and interactions with local students, participating U-M students developed an understanding of the unique economic, legal, political, and cultural environment of South Africa in order to explore the important role of intellectual property law in modern global business activities. Students gained a greater insight into the profound effects the shift from physical assets to intellectual assets, both domestically and internationally, has had on business operations.   

And many more: You can explore currently available global experience options Michigan Ross offers to all U-M students by visiting our Undergraduate Global Opportunities page.

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