Business in 2019: We Asked Michigan Ross Professors To Predict The Future


Wondering what’s in store for the new year? You’re in luck. Michigan Ross professors are some of the world’s most respected experts in their fields, and they’re sharing the big changes we can expect to see across the business world in 2019.

A Sea Change for Climate Change


Professor Andrew Hoffman says overall opinions on climate change have finally reached a tipping point, but don’t expect Congress to make any big moves. Instead, look toward the corporate sector to lead the way.

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The Fate of the ACA and ‘Medicare For All’

The Affordable Care Act is facing lawsuits from 20 states, and at the same time some new federal legislators are saying Medicare should be available to any U.S. citizen. Professor Sarah Miller discusses what’s likely to happen in the U.S. healthcare system in 2019.

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The Gig Economy is Taking Over

Contract work could represent 40 percent of all jobs by 2020, according to some forecasts. Professor Sue Ashford explains why the rate of gig jobs will continue to increase, and how to make the most of this new world of work.

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Entrepreneurs Beware: The Trade War Affects You, Too

The current trade war leads to economic uncertainty and an iffy stock market––meaning investors are less likely to take risks on new ventures. Professor Jim Price shares how founders can best navigate this tepid economic climate and still find success for their new endeavors.

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Brexit Deadline Is Coming Fast––And Already Changing Markets

An official Brexit deal needs to be made March 29, and businesses are not handling the uncertainty well, says Professor Kyle Handley. No matter what happens, the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union is definitely changing, and that will continue to affect global markets, too.

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Have Startup Dreams? Buck the Trends and Do Something Useful

Sure, everyone and their brother is launching a food delivery app. But smart entrepreneurs know the businesses that last are the ones that truly solve a pressing problem. Lecturer Rashmi Menon shares which industries will most need some new ideas in 2019.

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Nice Guys Finish Last––Let’s Fix That Already

When men display more feminine traits at work, such as cooperation and empathy, they’re unfairly penalized, according to new research from Professor David Mayer. This holds both men and women back in the workplace, but growing support in 2019 for a few organizational changes can help.

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