A Too-Hot Finance Class And A Viral Dance Video — Couples Who Met At Michigan Ross Share Their Love Stories


It’s not your typical rom-com setting, but the halls of Michigan Ross have certainly seen their fair share of love stories. And, with more than 50,000 living alumni all around the world, it’s no surprise that Michigan Ross has been the catalyst for many long-lasting, life-changing relationships.

As the world celebrates love this Valentine’s Day, we asked couples who met at Ross to tell us about their meet-cutes and happily ever afters.

Steph + Will

A Silent Auction To Remember

Will Foss and Stephanie Dolan
LSA ‘07/MBA ‘12, MBA ‘13

Even though they initially met and got to know each other during M-Trek, student led trips across the globe before the start of each academic year, it took a bold move at a silent auction during the annual MBA Impact Challenge for the two to realize what was meant to be.

“During the auction, I made sure to win Steph's gift of cooking a meal together,” Will said.

“I still remember how good the apple crumble Steph made for me was. But more importantly, it was the first time we got to do ‘normal’ things together outside of school, and it made me really start to understand what it would be like to have a life together.”

The two were married in 2014, with a wedding party made up of 8 Michigan alums! More recently, they adopted their first cat, Lincoln, in 2017.

Tom + Barbara

Quantitative Finance Is Hot

Barbara Caplan Russell and Thomas D Russell
MBA ‘79, MBA ‘81

Barbara wasn’t supposed to be in the evening section of quantitative finance in 1978, but the daytime section was full, and she was persistent. Her petition to join the evening students was successful, and it was there where she and Tom met.

As Tom tells it, “It was extremely hot on the first night of class in September, and during a break, Barbara was on the steps of the business building (now torn down) surrounded by a bunch of admirers.”

Tom suggested they all go to Dominick's “for a nice cold adult beverage at the end of class.”  

As the semester passed, Dominick's became a weekly after-class tradition. As the other guys eventually all disappeared, just Barbara and Tom were left — sipping sangria at Dom’s, deepening their relationship.

They've now been married for 38 years and have three children, all Michigan grads. Go Blue!

Nevan + Roshni

Tonight We Bhangra

Nevan Shokar and Roshni Khurana Shokar
BBA ‘12

It was 2009 when Nevan and Roshni met at the very first practice for an upcoming cultural performance show. Nevan was the choreographer for the traditional North Indian Bhangra dance. Roshni one of the dancers.

“She caught my eye at that first practice and we haven’t looked back since!” Nevan said.

After the performance, Nevan and Roshni would study together in the Winter Garden and Roshni “would consistently get better grades on ACC 371 exams, one of the most difficult courses at Ross.”

The connection built during that time has lasted. Seven years after graduating from Ross, the couple has traveled to 11 different countries, lived in 3 different cities, and had a destination wedding, where that Bhangra made a reappearance.

A video of the wedding dance currently has more than 800,000 views on YouTube:

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