Meet The ‘Real Humans’ in the Michigan Ross Weekend MBA Program


MetroMBA highlighted five students in the Michigan Ross Part-time MBA: Weekend program in its “Real Humans” feature, calling out the diverse backgrounds of the students and the expansive part-time MBA offerings at Michigan Ross.

The Real Humans featured from the Ross Weekend MBA Class of 2020 are: Chris Grant, a Canadian chemist; Junyan Crandell, a financial services professional from China; Joe Papiro, a former restaurant manager from New England; Joanna Wicher, a market researcher in the pharmaceuticals industry from Chicago; and Badri Yadav, an experienced engineer from Kanpur, India.

MetroMBA asked each student questions about their motivations for pursuing a part-time MBA at Michigan Ross, their experience in the Weekend MBA program, and their advice for prospective students.

“The most important factor for me in selecting Ross was the fact that part-time MBA students are given opportunities for career development and on-campus recruiting with prospective employers,” said Yadav, who plans to join a consulting firm as a strategy consultant focused on growth after graduation.

While Grant told MetroMBA his greatest highlight so far in the part-time program has been interacting with his classmates. “They are an incredibly talented, diverse, and intelligent group of people that I am privileged to be around on a regular basis,” he said.  

When asked what she was most excited about during her first year, Crandell listed her trip to Israel for MAP, case competitions, and Sanger Leadership Center programs. However, with so much going on, she advised future students to focus on participating in activities that are most important them and extract the most value from them. “It is very tempting to sign up for every opportunity, but the reality is that you will get overwhelmed quickly and not be able to fully enjoy the process,” she explained.

MetroMBA also emphasized the number and quality of part-time MBA programs available at Michigan Ross. “For many schools, even some of the most prestigious in the country, the choice between full-time and part-time is simply just two options. However, the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business has continually expanded the parameters of what a part-time program can truly be.”

Adding to its Weekend and Evening programs, Michigan Ross is launching the Part-time MBA: Online program this fall, “embracing the ever-changing business school landscape head on,” according to MetroMBA.

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Michigan Ross Part-Time MBA: Weekend