Energize Your Co-Workers for Better Performance


Professor Wayne Baker, writing in Harvard Business Review, shows that positive energy on the job does more than invigorate the soul.

Have a boss or co-worker who energizes you? They do more than make you feel good — they can boost your job performance.

Michigan Ross Professor Wayne Baker, writing in Harvard Business Review, says this relational energy is an untapped resource in most workplaces. Engagement, job performance, and productivity were all up in organizations with higher “relational energy” — that is, the energy we get from interacting with others.

He outlines four steps you can take — as a leader and as a person — to boost relational energy at work.

“Every action and word, no matter how small, matters in boosting productivity and performance,” Baker writes.




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Ross Thought In Action By Wayne Baker
Wayne Baker

Wayne Baker

  • Robert P. Thome Professor of Management and Organizations
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  • Professor of Organizational Studies, LSA
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