HR Leadership Needs to Stay on Top of Technological Change


In a new interview, Cheri Alexander discusses challenges facing today’s HR professionals.

photo illustration of technological images and outlines of human figures

Technology has dramatically transformed the world of human resources, with more change still to come, according to Michigan Ross faculty member Cheri Alexander.

In an interview with the website HR in Asia, Alexander notes that among other changes, technology has created new opportunities for re-education and re-skilling of workers. She adds that effective managers need to stay up to date. 

“HR professionals must have a high-level understanding of the tech world and data analytics capabilities. This must be coupled with a healthy skepticism about the limitations of technology; the human element,” Alexander says in the interview.

Other topics Alexander addresses in the interview include challenges posed by transparency, the risks of working remotely, and creating a collaborative culture.


Cheri Alexander is the chief innovation officer, executive director of corporate learning, and an adjunct lecturer of management and organizations at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

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