QUICK TIP: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Grow as a Leader


If you want to grow as a leader, don’t always play it safe. Professor Scott DeRue explains how to stretch yourself and keep learning.

As a high-potential leader, proving your ability is critical to your career trajectory. But watch out — if you’re too concerned with doing things right, you might avoid stretching your comfort zones, which can stunt your development as a leader. Professor Scott DeRue offers these mindful engagement tips to fuel continual growth.


Experiment Often Active experimentation, or trying something new with full acceptance that things might not go as planned, can help you become comfortable with the unfamiliar. When built into a stretch assignment, a planned experiment provides a safety net while maximizing learning — failure is already accounted for (and perhaps expected), so you’re more likely to take risks.


Seek Feedback

Asking for honest input from superiors, peers, and subordinates may be uncomfortable at times, but it can help uncover valuable insight that would otherwise go unshared.


Schedule time to Reflect

Reflection — or learning to digest, synthesize, and draw patterns across your experiences — is essential to self-awareness and growth. Schedule time to record your observations about personal behaviors and traits (otherwise, it’s easy to push this important task to the side).


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