E.g., Jan 19 2020
E.g., Jan 19 2020
Open Filters

Professor Andy Hoffman, writing in The Conversation, says academics need to inject scientific literacy into political discourse.

In a Q&A with WalletHub, Professor Dave Ulrich says automation will creep into more jobs, and the future of work looks very different.

Professor Joel Slemrod scores the tax plans of President Donald Trump and the House Republicans.

Professors Kyle Handley, Thomas Buchmueller, and Nirupama Rao illustrate the impact of President Donald Trump’s policies in new e-book.

Professor Scott Rick sees anxiety among some U.S. consumers despite an overall rosy picture.

Professor Joe Arvai, writing in Huffington Post, says dismissal of scientific advisers from EPA advisory board is misguided.

Professor Marina Whitman, writing in The Conversation, says President Donald Trump should invest in, not cut funds for, public resources.