E.g., Feb 25 2020
E.g., Feb 25 2020
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New research by Professor Maxim Sytch shows different industries create distinct collaboration networks.

Michigan Ross Professor Maxim Sytch shows how informal power is the new currency in modern organizations.

Michigan Ross professor sees consumers combining the best of online, offline, and mobile while winning companies master this mix.

Most companies think of social media as a marketing tool, but find out how a growing number are using it for internal communication and efficiency.

Industry clusters like Silicon Valley foster economic growth, but the proximity of service suppliers has a downside.

What’s the best way for a company to connect with consumers in social media? Research from Puneet Manchanda has answers.

Engineers have long operated their own social networks and analyzing them can improve product quality, research shows.

Companies need alliances and networks, but what’s the best way to approach them? Professor Gautam Ahuja explains.