E.g., Feb 20 2020
E.g., Feb 20 2020
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Research by Professor Nejat Seyhun shows some general counsels dump company stock before fraud is made public.

Research by Professor Martin Schmalz shows industry performance, not the firm’s, becomes executive pay benchmark when companies have common owners.

New research by Professor Mihir Mehta shows how companies flee from audit firms who lose big clients and flock to those who win them.

Professors Linda Lim and Kyle Handley shed light on the likely fallout from Great Britain leaving the European Union.

Professor Martin Schmalz, writing in Harvard Business Review, shows that common stock ownership of big banks chills competition.

Professors Stefan Nagel and Joel Slemrod examine who’s most likely to dump shares when the market tanks.

Research by Professor Mohamed Mostagir helps explain a common pattern that can determine success or failure.

Research by Professor Stefan Zeume calculates that the Panama Papers data leak destroyed $222 billion to $230 billion in firm value.